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American Express My WishList Post-Black-Friday Super Deals Go Live Nov. 27

Illustration for article titled American Express My WishList Post-Black-Friday Super Deals Go Live Nov. 27

We just got the advance word on the American Express holiday My WishList deals, running from November 27 to December 13. If you recall, Amex sells certain hot products for super cheap in very limited supplies, but you have to go to the site and try to buy it on a certain day (and yes, with an American Express card). It's really just a game, because demand always comically dwarfs supply. But there are other products that go on sale immediately, and are available at low but not necessarily insane prices until they sell out. And they always sell out. Before you go and shoot your wad during the Black Friday frenzy, you might want to check out this year's lineup, edited down to the most Giz-appropriate selections (i.e. no spa retreats or studded mini clutches):


Remember, the first four products are going for ridiculous prices, but because of this they are only available on a certain day, in a certain timeslot:

Panasonic 42" 1080p HD Plasma TV

Available on My WishList: November 30

WishList Price: $700 (Retail Price: $1,999)

Dell XPS M1330 Notebook

Available on My WishList: December 3

WishList Price: $900 (Retail Price: $2,079)

Xbox Elite Game System and Five Games

Available on My WishList: December 11

WishList Price: $300 (Retail Price: $649.99)


BMW K 1200 R Sport Motorcycle

Available on My WishList: December 4

WishList Price: $5,000 (Retail Price: $17,000)

The rest of the products below will apparently be on sale until supplies run out; some deals might look similar to Black Friday pricing, while others may be crazy low. Have a look:

Denon Soundbar

WishList Price: $743.99 (Retail Price: $1199.99)

TiVo HD DVR with Service and Wireless Adapter

WishList Price: $399 (Retail Price: $538.98)

Audiovox 8" Picture Frame

WishList Price: $108 (Retail Price: $159.99)

Olive Opus N 250GB Pure Audio Server

WishList Price: $700 (Retail Price: $1,499)


Canon HD Camcorder with 40GB HDD

WishList Price: $500 (Retail Price: $1,299.99)

Helio Ocean with 6 Months Service

WishList Price: $400 (Retail Price: $1,249)

Rock Band Special Edition for Xbox

WishList Price: $50 (Retail Price: $169.99)

Nintendo DS Lite with Two Games

WishList Price: $160 (Retail Price: $199.96)

Toshiba 10.2" Portable DVD Player

WishList Price: $230 (Retail Price: $349.99)

Ultrasone iCans iPod Headphones

WishList Price: $99 (Retail Price: $159)

iStorm Wireless Speakers for iPod

WishList Price: $140 (Retail Price: $199.99)

Sirius Stiletto 2

WishList Price: $279 (Retail Price: $399.99)

Magellan Maestro Portable GPS System

WishList Price: $390 (Retail Price: $599.99)


To see if you can master Amex's wicked little game, visit the official website. [Amex My WishList]

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Last year's Porsche for $5000 was the best "WishList" deal I've ever seen through AMEX. And no, I didn't manage to get my hands on one.