This week on America's Best Dance Crew, neither Mario Lopez's blindingly white teeth nor JC Chasez's continued existence was the most magical thing in the room, because Beat Freaks used ACTUAL MAGIC.

MTV's comment boards are full of questionably-literate folks demanding to know how that silver ball flew around the stage, but nobody seems to have an answer yet. It probably isn't CGI, since MTV blew their entire special effects budget on digital sparklies. That, and it'd be tricky to place a hat on top of an imaginary ball. Simple string work is probably out, too— the ball's movements are way too smooth for any marionette action. It's not a remote controlled vehicle, because that's ridiculous. My guess is it's a combination of strings for when they're handling the ball, and CGI for when it's swooping around the ceiling, but we may never know. Anybody have any guesses? [MTV, thanks Luke!]