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America's Chief Cyber Defense Warrior Abruptly Resigns

Randy Vickers, Director of the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT), is outta there. With neither warning nor explanation, Vickers resigned from defending government and private sector networks from attack, Information Week reports. Which does explain his exit.

This summer has seen one of the most vivid and inexorable hacking sprees in recent memory—maybe ever. Hacker crews like LulzSec and Anonymous burst into headlines, bashing the Senate, CIA, AT&T, Sony, and other biggest of the big names. Vickers' job was to make sure these servers stayed un-busted. They didn't. His replacement will have a very unpleasant job waiting. [Information Week]


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Damn. This person know has "Chief Cyber Defense Warrior" on this resume. Ok, not his official title - but I want that job.