Amputee duck gets a high-tech 3D-printed foot, waddles into our hearts

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Buttercup the duck was born last November in a high school bio lab with his left foot facing backwards. The foot was later amputated, but Buttercup has a new, 3D-printed foot now, and watching him put it to use is making us kind of misty-eyed.

The prosthesis was produced by engineers at Novacopy, some months after Buttercup had his foot amputated at Feathered Angels Waterfowl Sanctuary. In just thirteen hours, they were able to create a mold of Buttercup's left foot that was then used to produce a flexible, silicone foot, perfect for waddling about with newfound alacrity. The video up top shows the prosthesis in action, with Buttercup finding his mobility significantly improved as he tries out his new leg for the first time.

Buttercup, looking pretty freaking jazzed:


Read more about Buttercup's recovery process at designboom, and follow his progress on Facebook.

[Spotted on COLOSSAL]