Amusing Parody Video Perfectly Skewers All Those Precious Food Videos

We all love watching cooking videos, and we all gasp and drool over food documentary videos. We simply can’t stop ourselves. But the truth is, this trend is totally silly and a lot of is treated way too seriously. It’s just food, after all. This parody video of those food videos that populate the Internet (of which we’re guilty of sharing too!) takes that much-too-serious lens and points it at a typical bar and grill. It’s great to see bar food get treated with such gravitas.


Made by CBC, it’s filled with so many good lines that make it even better, as visuals of low-brow of foods being prepared—chicken fingers, nachos, burgers, and so on—are spliced in along the way.

Probably the most hilarious thing is that even though it’s all a big joke, the food still looks fantastic.

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Meyer Lansky Sqarrs

...And now I’m starving for wings.