An ABC iPad App That Streams Lost Over 3G Is Almost Here [UPDATED]

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ABC's iPad app was one of the few we tested that flat-out didn't play video over 3G—unlike Netflix and YouTube, which play degraded video—but Business Insider hears a 3G-compatible version has already been submitted to the App Store.

This is one of the cases that people using an iPad plus a Verizon MiFi for 3G gets over an iPad 3G—video apps that stream over the air have to be sensitive to AT&T's network conditions with adaptive bitrates, which can make for some truly disgusting looking video—making Lost even more unwatchable. With a MiFi, on the other hand, the iPad effectively thinks it's simply on very slow Wi-Fi. Just watch out for that 5GB monthly cap. [BI]


Update: Looks like the updated ABC iPad app is available for download now. Other enhancements include parental ratings info, orientation lock support, and improved controls and landscape viewing options. [Thanks to all the eagle-eyed commenters who pointed this out!]