An Amazing Robot Sailboat that Kills Oil Spills

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Recovering from an oil disaster isn't just horrific to endure—it's massively difficult and massively expensive to soak it all up. But what if we didn't need an army of oil-wiping humans? What about cleaning boats that sail themselves?

Motherboard follows Cesar Harada, formerly of MIT, who left the university after the petroleum nightmare of BP. His solution to the awfully inefficient cleanup? Protei, a self-sailing, oil-skimming drone. It's tough enough to withstand waves, its smart sails flatten when wind gets too brisk, all while trawling oil-absorbant sponges to slurp up (literal) tons of oil. The plan? Deploy fleets of them, working as an intelligent swarm. Protei is still in the prototyping process, but moving at a pace that could spare human risk and environmental destruction the next time a pipe bursts. [Motherboard]

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Better Days

It's only useful when oil reaches the surface. We all know most of the oil remains underwater, and BP even used chemicals to make surfacing oil actually break down in small bubbles and drown in the depths of the sea. The best way to kill oil spills is to prevent them, and to prevent them you need more strict laws and drastic security measures.