An Anatomical Chocolate Skull For Sweet-Toothed Cannibals

Mmmm, chocolate. So delicious. So healthy. Why settle for chowing down on a boring old bar when you could instead… nibble… on this anatomically correct… human… skull? Alas, poor cocoa; this might be the creepiest treat ever created.

Yes, you can actually buy one of these 3.3-pound bony beasts (thanks, Etsy!). Each hand-cast head is life-sized and apparently completely unique—cracked brow here, natural "fresh from the ground" bloom for an extra-authentic look there—and composed of your choice of premium Belgian good stuff (dark, chili, milk, or caramel).


If this is something you think you could stomach—how the hell would you eat it? Sticking it straight in your mouth seems too morbid; cracking it open equally freaky. If you just like the look, the seller suggests presenting it in a glass display case where it "will practically keep forever." Forever, or until the sweet-toothed zombie apocalypse. Get yours here for $118. [Etsy, Dangerous Minds]

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