Well, shucks: this Bears on Stairs stop-motion clip is just adorable, and, whaddya know, it's as impressive as it is cute. London-based creative agency DBLG 3D-printed a different figurine for each and every frame of the clip, resulting in surprisingly realistic movement for an angular white mammal.


Fifty individual ursine models were made and photographed one-by-one, then stitched together over the span of a month to pull the whole clip together. It's pretty incredible. At first glance, I really, really thought the guy was computer generated. Nope!

Here's a great little behind-the-scenes peek at the team making animation magic.


All told, the clip itself lasts lasts a scant two seconds (!); but, thanks to the beauty of GIF'ing we can watch this fella trudge up the stairs forever. [Visual News]

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