An Etch A Sketch Laser Cutter Makes Your Crappy Drawings Permanent

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A useful hack can be a wonderful lifesaver, but sometimes an utterly pointless hack can be just as great. For no other reason than they could (and maybe to celebrate International Arduino Day), the folks at Just Add Sharks hacked a laser cutter to be controlled by an Etch A Sketch.

Now, anyone who grew up playing with an Etch A Sketch knows it's just about the worst drawing tool mankind has ever created. Attempting to draw anything other boxes and staircases using a pair of knobs is nearly impossible. But at least you can erase your mistakes. With an Etch A Sketch-controlled laser cutter, every mistake you make is etched forever into a piece of wood. Sure, it might be stressful, but somehow it makes the Etch A Sketch even more fun knowing the damage is permanent. [Just Add Sharks via Hacked Gadgets]