An Even Bigger (!) Galaxy Note Is Coming

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Remember yesterday, when you thought the 5.4-inch screen-having Samsung Galaxy Note was gigantic? It's tiny. TINY, I say! Why? Because rumor has it that Samsung is preparing to unleash the Galaxy Note 10.1 at MWC. Yes, that's almost twice as big.

Illustration for article titled An Even Bigger (!) Galaxy Note Is Coming

SlashGear spotted this little oopsie on Samsung's official blog. In the company's Guide to Samsung Developer Day, developers are invited to experience the Wave 3, the Wave Y, the Galaxy Note, and the Galaxy Note 10.1. The last of which, of course, doesn't officially exist—yet. While Samsung realized its error and has removed the page, this image still exists for posterity.

What's curious to me is not that Samsung is going to launch a full-sized tablet that works with an S-Pen, it's that it can't just make its current suite of many-sized tablets just work with the S-Pen. Samsung's already got a 10.1-inch tablet, so unless the Note 10.1 takes a massive jump in specs—which it should, since the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been around for a year now—this seems silly. Samsung already "augments" Android with its custom user-interface (TouchWiz), so why it couldn't just develop a Bluetooth stylus and build in the integration to all of its tablets, I don't know. [SlashGear]

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They prob meant a new Galaxy Tab, not Note 10.1.