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An Evil Alarm Clock That Only Uses the World's Most Annoying Sounds

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When you're staring down a day filled with work meetings and deadlines, there's usually not much motivation to roll out of bed in the morning. So by blasting you with terrible sounds like drumsets and fog horns, this G-Buzz alarm clock uses negative reinforcement to make heading to work seem like the lesser of two evils.


At just $30 it's cheap enough to justify using alongside your smartphone's alarm clock, and with a powered USB port on the back it's worth keeping on your bedside table for charging your phone overnight. It's also got FM radio functionality for those living in the stone age, and a handy 'shake to silence' feature that lets you silence its annoying alarms with whatever uncoordinated motions you can muster at the crack of dawn. [G-Project via Chip Chick]