An important update on the secret alien war in America

If you're wondering what the Draconian secret government is up to, and what it has to do with Obama and the warm weather we're having in North America this winter - well, let Colleen Thomas explain it all to you.


I am still saying "whoa" and it's been at least 10 minutes since I re-watched this video for the fifteenth time.

Thanks for the tip on this startling news, Ben Morehead!


Corpore Metal

Wow. Just, just—wow.

But I wonder how many guys have selected and followed her videos on the Web with a vague disappointment that she hasn't taken her top off yet?

That last sentence came straight from corpore metal's crab brain. Rest assured, out of embarrassment, he's yanked the enabling jumpers for that part of his brain. We'll hear no more from it.