An In-Depth Look at the Mysterious Information Superhighway, Care of 1995

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In 1995 episode of Computer Chronicles, Stewart Cheifet greets us from inside one of those fancy new cyber cafés you've undoubtedly been hearing so much about, asking "Who says online users are a bunch of antisocial geeks?" And a whole eighteen years later we can still pretty much respond with "Everyone, Stewart. Everyone does."

But that's no longer a bad thing! Although the word "geek" remains, the connotation has changed. Along with pretty much everything else. The video varies between being hilarious, cringe-worthy, and nostalgia-inducing—if you're the type of person who yearns for the heydays of AirMosaic and the Pizza Hut homepage infamy. The video tends to drag, so some choice quotes lie below. And we wish you safe travels as your journey ever deeper into The Net:

  • "Successful home pages could be seen by twenty or thirty thousand people a week."
  • "The complexity of programming 'links' can be overwhelming."
  • "I wouldn't put my credit card up until there's security software that will protect the credit card."

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