An LED Lantern Like This Would've Saved Mrs. O'Leary a Lot of Grief

The farm hands no longer have to double-check to make sure old Mrs. O'Leary didn't leave the lantern in the shed again. Because this LED alternative called the M Lamp won't get hot enough to start any fires, no matter how hard a cow kicks it.


The M Lamp's aluminum housing hides a rechargeable lithium-ion battery inside which will keep the lamp glowing for almost 19 hours on a full five hour charge. And because the reflector is connected to the rest of the lamp with a ball and socket joint, it can be angled wherever you need to cast its soft 300 lumen glow.

At $220 it might seem a little expensive, but that's downright cheap compared to the cost of rebuilding Chicago after another devastating fire. [A+R via BLTD]

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