An R/C Drone, Transformed Into A TIE Interceptor

Youtuber Olivier C. is back with another Star Wars drone after his wonderful Millennium Falcon build recently - what better to accompany it than a TIE Interceptor to fight it?

Like his Falcon, the Interceptor is built around a custom made quadcopter, designed to support the extra weight of the foam additions. Although his TIE won't win any prizes for speed — a shame considering the Interceptor was meant to be one of the fastest starfighters around in the Star Wars universe, designed to rival the A-Wing - it still gets up to a pretty decent lick. It helps that the buzzing of the drone does an amicable job of emulating that iconic TIE fighter scream as it swooshes by, too.


Before you cry foul at the Interceptor losing its angular curved wings though, Olivier originally built the model with the TIE's iconic wings intact — but a combination of wind and the wings of the rotors for the drone ended up damaging them to the point that he had to go back and redesign the ship with straight vertical panels instead. Maybe he should've gone back to the drawing board and just turned it into a normal TIE, but either way, it's still a cool sight to see.

You can check out a huge imgur gallery of Olivier's build process below.

[via Comic Book]

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has he listed the speeds anywhere? I haven't seen them in any of his links.