Analyst Predicts iPod Delayed, But Why?

One analyst predicts iPod delays of three months or more, and Apple's stock takes a dive. But why the delay? According to American Technology Research analyst Shaw Woo, Apple switched chip suppliers. As a result, he says the much-anticipated widescreen video iPod probably won't see the light of day until the first half of 2007 instead of the originally-anticipated (or guessed at) 4th quarter of this year.

But we know Steve Jobs is a master of arm-twisting, and maybe he isn't putting a lot of pressure on those parts suppliers because of his imbroglio with the Hollywood studios. They're locking horns because he wants a consistent $9.99 price for each movie, while the studios want a tiered pricing scheme. This stalemate could go on for a while. So what's the rush? Releasing a widescreen video iPod without much video content? The player would be all dressed up with no place to go.


Analyst Predicts iPod Delays [personaltechpipeline]

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