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Android UI Video Demo Shows off Multitouch, Google Maps, Quake

Google's Sergei Brin and Steve Horowitz show off multiple prototypes of the Android platform, one of which has a Palm smartphone form factor and one that has a higher-end, HTC Windows Mobile form factor. The former shows off text messaging and Google maps (which looks pretty great, btw), and the latter shows off 3G desktop-quality web browsing using webkit. There's also 3D OpenGL rendering, application feature sharing, and iPhone-esque finger gesturing. If you weren't excited about Android yet, just think about how this could turn out to be the open-source iPhone. [YouTube]


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This is exactly what the iPhone failed to be and what Windows Mobile should have been. Seamless, customizable, open source, whatever I want it to be, fast, reliable. Assuming there's no way to flash this onto my Mogul, I will be trading it in when something comparable with Android hits.