Angry Jobless Man Remotely Disables Over 100 Cars

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Omar Ramos-Lopez was recently laid off from the Texas Auto Center and he was angry about it. So he used a former coworker's password to log into software allowing him to remotely disable cars and got his revenge.

Webtech Plus, the software Ramos-Lopez accessed is "repossession software that allows the dealership to disable a car's ignition or trigger the horn to honk when a payment is due." He managed to disable over 100 cars before someone realized what was going on and the High Tech Crime Unit in Austin, Texas tracked him down.


The lesson? Change passwords as soon as you fire someone—or better yet, do it before you break the news. [Wired via Slashdot]

The cars pictured were probably not involved in this mess. They were photographed by cjc4454