Annoy This Free Coffee Shop's Patrons From the Safety Of Your Browser

They say nothing in life is truly free, and that's perfectly demonstrated in this experimental coffee shop in Helsinki. The coffee is technically gratis, except for the cost of having to enjoy it in a setting controlled by the internet.


The lights, the music, and even the height of the chairs and tables are all controlled remotely through the Kauko coffee shop's website. And once you've taken control of a certain aspect, a live video stream lets you witness firsthand the mayhem you're causing.

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The installation was created to celebrate Helsinki being named the 2012 World Design Capital, and will be in place in the city's Forum shopping mall until the middle of the month. And if like me you're in North America trying to hop on the site to try it out, just remember they're at least seven hours ahead of us. [Kauko via Artinfo]



"Annoy This Free Coffee Shop’s Patrons From the Safety Of Your Browser"

The coffee is free.

You can use your browser to annoy the people that go there.

This is why it's free.

Seriously, how do you people not get the title? This isn't the first time you could control something in real life from a website. I just read the article to find out just how you could annoy people.