Another $50 Tablet Stand Designed For a Device Meant To Be Held

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For every person who buys a tablet to use as a media consumption device, there's another who buys one with intentions of transforming it into a full blown laptop or desktop PC via clunky third-party accessories. No, really, you shouldn't have.

Satechi's $50R1 Arm Hinge Holder stand puts a bevy of seven- to ten-inch tablets on the road to becoming a (very, very) faux iMac. While most tablet holders only cater to the iPad, the solid aluminum R1 stand will work with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the BlackBerry Playbook, the HTC Flyer, the Motorola Xoom, etc.

The list goes on and on, but it's just a stand. As long as gravity's still in place it should work with any flat object seven to ten inches in size, right back to the ancient stone tablets used by cavemen. So I guess they can add backwards compatibility to its feature list. [Satechi]