AntiSec Hackers Dump 10 Gigs of Police Data

Hackers with ties to the AntiSec movement released 10 gigs of sensitive data last night from more than 50 police departments across the country. This is their brazen show of solidarity with Anonymous' cause and retribution against an oppressive police system.

Remember LulzSec's "Chinga La Migra" leak in June that compromised the personal data of hundred of Arizona police officers? Same deal here, but on a wider scale. These hackers crept their way into a server that held more than 70 different site associated with law enforcement. They then went on a spree, releasing the emails, credit card information, addresses, passwords, and social security numbers of more than 300 officers.


The leak comes right on the heels of the arrest of LulzSec head boy Topiary and the start of Anonymous' ongoing protest against Paypal. The hackers are behind them all the way, and don't care what happens to the law enforcement members who have been hit with this breach. It's clear that these groups won't rest until every source of legal authority is brought down by the lulz. [Pastebin via Softpedia]


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So how long until they compromise evidence stupidly placed on a network accessible to the internet and set some murderers free?