Anyfix Universal Charger Charges 80% of European Phones

You may not know the name Luigi Colani, but there's a good chance this 80-year old industrial design legend doesn't know you either. Why's this guy important? Because he's just designed a mobile phone charger that charges more than 80% of European phones on the market today.

By plugging the Anyfix into any wall outlet and pressing the correct button, you'll be able to extend a suitable connector to your specific phone—making our little cellphone charging stand setup a thing of the past. There should be more details as the Anyfix is debuted at CeBIT soon, but since the US is mostly dominated by the big manufacturers (Moto, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Nokia), it shouldn't be too hard to bring this to us sometime soon.


The first universal mobile phone charger [Gizmag]

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