Apple Ad God Lee Clow: "I'm Not Going Anywhere"

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We discussed how Lee Clow, the man behind Apple's most popular advertisements, is stepping down from his position as chief creative officer of TBWA/Media Arts Lab. Turns out that Lee's not really leaving, he's just getting annoyed at the blogosphere.

According to this note he supposedly wrote and sent to his staff, Lee's figuring out other people's positions, not his own:

Hey Everyone:

So we tried to promote Duncan Milner because of the great job he's been doing leading the Media Arts Lab and look at how the blogosphere decided to make it a conversation about me.

As you all know, I'm here every day meddling in everything that goes on, pushing the creative on many brands including keeping an eye on Apple.

I remain Chairman of MAL, Global Creative Director of Media Arts and Chief Creative Officer of TBWA Worldwide.

I'm not going anywhere.

Love, Lee

There you have it. We can stop fearing that Apple ads will start sucking. [Media Bistro via All Things D]