Apple-Approved DOS Emulator for iPad Is as Good and Bad as the Original

While Apple is busy putting the iPad into Mac OS X, someone got busy putting DOS into the iPad: Apple-approved iDOS will get you a C:\> prompt. Why? Here are some reasons: PC Tetris. And Xenon 2. And Wing Commander. Updated

And X-Wing. And TIE Fighter. And Day of the Tentacle. And the Indy games.

Those were the times. The times of manual management of 64KB upper memory blocks and autobat/config.sys tuning. And Windows 3.0:


iDos is based on open source emulator DOSbox and includes some abandonware and freeware built-in. You can install your own programs too, and emulates keyboard, mouse support, and various video modes for $0.99.

Update: Apple pulled the application a few minutes after we published this article. Hello Phil! [iTunes via TouchArcade]

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