Apple Aware of Snow Leopard User Account Bug

Apple just passed along this statement, addressing the Snow Leopard user account bug that eats your user account.

We are aware of the issue, which occurs only in extremely rare cases, and we are working on a fix.

And yeah, it's obvious that it is a pretty rare bug, since you'd have heard about this bug on day one if it wasn't.

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Amazing - Apple admitted something. Maybe they can let us know what else they're aware of.

How about cracking MacBook cases (oh yes, they amended their warranties a few months ago to address this, but seem to have failed to met their Genius Bar staff know). I know, old one, but...

What about flickering MacBook screens... y'know from the crappy inverters that blow due to the CoreDuo powersaving features... another old one...

Logic Studio 8 Core Audio bug (caused by failing to 'renice' the app appropriately. Never fixed in 2 years. Wow, I really have a chip on my shoulder!

OK, I admit these are jump my personal gripes. I don't care about the guest account issue.