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Apple Boot Camp: The Impossible Possible

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We got this in email this morning and we just about plotzed. This is Boot Camp, an official Apple beta product, that allows you to dual-boot XP. No BIOS issues, on EFI junk, no hassle. You literally just install it, run it, and rock and roll. The best part? The absolute best part? Read some of the page copy:

Windows running on a Mac is like Windows running on a PC. That means it'll be subject to the same attacks that plague the Windows world. So be sure to keep it updated with the latest Microsoft Windows security fixes.

Macs use an ultra-modern industry standard technology called EFI to handle booting. Sadly, Windows XP, and even the upcoming Vista, are stuck in the 1980s with old-fashioned BIOS. But with Boot Camp, the Mac can operate smoothly in both centuries.

It's like some OS X interns got drunk, wrote this, and then put up a "UJ SUXORZ!MIXCRO$OFTLOLOL" page. Give it a try and report back on your findings.


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