Apple-Branded Car Kit Found Within iPhone OS 4 Code

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Car kits for iPods and iPhones aren't exactly big news, with plenty of third party accessory companies feeding off the ecosystem already. But an Apple-branded kit, found buried in iPhone OS 4?


The "iPod Out" feature was found mentioned in the iPhone OS 4 code, alongside "IAPSSimpleRemoteCarButtonNotification," "IAPSSimpleRemoteCarButtonTypeKey" and "kCTCallStatusChangeNotification,." Rumors about an Apple car have been bandied about the last few years, but perhaps an Apple-branded car kit, which docks the iPod or iPhone, charging and streaming, would be something they consider pursuing. It could even allow the iPhone to be used as a satnav, either docking horizontally or perhaps feeding a larger display.

New features are being dug up in the iPhone OS 4 dev download all the time, with other stuff including video chat and group chat. [TUAW via Apple Insider]


I was thinking that NAVI systems would fall into a bad place as cars run on map DVDs that age and can become unreliable. My iPhone on the other hand uses Google Maps which is constantly updated.

I thought this might be the way to go (in dash iPhone or something similar) but now Ford is showing that they want cars to be connected to the internet which would, in my mind, solve all the inherent problems with a NAVI system's software becoming dated too quickly.