Apple Component Cable Works With iPhone...For Realz

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Thanks to the 1.1.1 update, TV out on the iPhone is a reality—you can even preview what you are watching on the iPhone itself. Unfortunately, the cables won't work with your dock (although this should be corrected with the new Universal Dock) and if you have a hacked iPhone you may be out of luck—but I'm sure you already knew that. [tuaw]



Jeez.... you know, it is kind of a big deal because prior to v1.1.1, the iPhone couldn't do TV out, and that was one of the things that iPhone haterz bashed the iPhone about, and I'd say rightly so. Apple has added the functionality with v1.1.1. Maybe it's not something to have a parade about, but it certainly is something to be happy about if you're an iPhone owner.

But of course, if you're a hater, you can always find a way to put a bad spin on anything. Really, guys, go look in the mirror. You are no different from your favorite enemy, the Apple "fanboys".