Apple Customers Are Just the Worst

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Stepping out of the blue employee t-shirt, an Apple worker has broken Jobs' honor-code to speak to Popular Mechanics about what it's like working in one of those big glass-and-chrome stores. And guess what? Us customers treat them like shit!

This unnamed Apple employee blabbed that:

"Its amazing how badly behaved some customers are. I have seen customers have complete meltdowns and get phones exchanged that were like two years old. They scream, cry, curse. And it works. People can be horrible. Sometimes it's like working at McDonald's, with better pay. I've never been treated so badly in my life."


Have you ever seen anyone have a meltdown in an Apple store? Sure, we've heard some corkers in the past—even seen the CCTV stills of a customer punching a worker in the face!—but everytime I'm in the Apple Store, I see nothing but courteous workers receiving the same level of respect from customers that they extend themselves.

The rest of the dished-out stories are par for the course, but Gawker was sceptical about the employee claiming the stores are populated with drug dealers, hell-bent on buying iPhones with fake details. How the employees know they're drug dealers is beyond me—after all, we all know that they're more likely to be prisoners' lackeys. Maybe they're all the same to the clean-behind-the-ears Apple workers. [Popular Mechanics via Gawker]


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Last time I checked, this is exactly the sort of behavior steve jobs pulls when his developers aren't making the next i-product fast/shiny/expensive enough. I think that people get unreasonable when you constantly tell them that $400 product they bought last year is now worthless and that $400 this year will buy them the ultimate in hipster tech and completely necessary for a balanced life.