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$1 Million of Forged Credit Card Money Bought iPads and Macs for Prisoners

Illustration for article titled $1 Million of Forged Credit Card Money Bought iPads and Macs for Prisoners

Prisoners at New York's Rikers Island jail have been caught buying up iPads and Macs in an elaborate cyber-crime arrangement that saw them forging credit cards—your credit cards, people!—to buy $1m of Apple products.


This hip young thing with a taste for Apple kit? 28-year-old Shaheed Bilal, who tasked his three younger brothers, girlfriend and 22 other friends and family-members in the outside world with purchasing the gadgets, to sell on at discounted rates.

They bought stolen credit card details online—which we know is cheap and easy to do—and then encoded them into magnetic strips of other cards. As the cards had the crims' names and not the victims, they outfoxed the police for three years.


All crimes must be dealt with, and lo, nine people in the ring have already appeared in court. [NY Daily News via Gawker]

Image Credit: Adelgado


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Moonshadow Kati aka Lady Locksmith

It's funny the lengths people will go to just to make some easy money. If you put half of that creativity towards a positive goal, you could probably make just as much money (or more!), and it wouldn't be illegal (so they would get to keep it).