Stolen Credit Card Sites Have Hidden Fees—Just Like the Credit Cards Themselves

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Did you know that credit card details are sold for around $1.50 each? What might cost you hundreds or even thousands (not to mention the stress), costs black market-buyers less than a coffee, as Krebs On Security discovered.


Just like in McDonalds, where you walk in with a desire for a Coke and come out with a burger and fries as well, these stolen credit card sites also have hidden upgrade fees. After signing up for an account at one of the sites,, Krebs was encouraged to buy UK cards for $4, or to narrow a search to a particular wealthy area for an extra 60 cents.

It does beg the question, however—how do you pay for these stolen credit card details? With more stolen credit card details? [Krebs via BoingBoing]



Oh, for the love of Mike...

- No, gizmodo is not supporting thievery or piracy. This is a "Hey, look at these jackasses" headline, with the obvious laughable points attached, including; "Why in Bob's name would I pay for stolen credit card numbers with my own credit card?" and "Holy crap, are they really trying to upsell me on an illegal transaction?!" These things are funny. Loosen up, folks.

- These places exist with or without aggregation from Gizmodo. You are not "cyber police". You cannot limit the spread of information because you do not agree with it, or you think other people shouldn't have it. You have fundamentally missed the entire point of the internet.

- Theft happens. If your bank account of less than $10k gets wiped out by a hacker or identity thief, your bank will reimburse you. It's not that hard. It actually happens a lot more than anyone admits. And it's not that much of a hassle once you explain it to the bank, the people you owe money too, and even the credit unions themselves. To be totally honest, there is no real security. But statistically, you probably wont get hit for more than (at max) $2.00 at a clip more than three times in your lifetime. Which is less than the cost of a credit monitoring service, I might add.

- Be informed. Along with the usual precautions, and common protect your identity, you should be aware just how easy it is for other people to obtain your personal information. This site is a great example of that. Bonus; it's also extremely funny.

Nice article, Kat.