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Apple Cutting Deals For More Ringtones

Illustration for article titled Apple Cutting Deals For More Ringtones

According to the New York Times, multiple label executives have confirmed that Apple is looking to expand its iTunes ringtone collection by June—far more than they have in the past. Their interests include both downloadable song snippets and ringback tones (new ringers). But apparently, the labels feel that these ringtones should cost more over a hypothetical 3G iTunes Store than the current Wi-Fi option. Why do music labels feel that way? Oh, because they are a bunch of greedy dinosaurs who hate you, that's why. [NYTimes]


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@dcdttu: I agree. All we need now is an iPhone app that allows it to chirp every time there's an incoming transmission from dorkwad #4 in the SoHo quadrant. Humanity can use fewer phones that say "Move, Bitch! Get out tha way get out tha way get out tha way!" in the world.