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I'm going to offer an opinion on this Apple/Intel adventure that is slightly tinged with a zealot's bias. I'm a Switcher. I bought a Mac Mini and never looked back. A perfectly good Pentium 4 3.2-GHz machine is sitting on my desk, unused for months, and my laptop is running Xandros Linux for that counter-culture-without-the-hard-work feeling.

I love OS X, especially Tiger. It's like BeOS back in the Windows NT dark ages. It's cool, it has a command-line, and it's solid. That said, I'm very interested in this Intel move and I'm also very worried. OS X will soon become "the Other OS" which, in computerese means the "also-ran." An over-saturation of the the Apple brand, as we saw through the PowerPC clone wars, means a slow decline and this time there's no Steve Jobs to jump in and fix things. He's already there, and it's the next move can only be to dump him and bring in some branding guru from Nike or Pepsi or wherever, which is always a bad idea.


The XServes have thus far been a flop. Those could use a little Intel power. The Mac Mini is almost a perfect machine, but it's a little underpowered. If AOpen can pump out Pandora, then an Intel Mini would be quite nice. But Apple is a rare orchid or, if you're of a different bent, a stunted shrub, in a field of Wintel dandelions. The dandelions are waiting to take over, and they have all the time in the world. UPDATE - Just found that Apple is going to keep OS X on Apple Macs, avoiding the clone problem. We'll see.

News round-up after the jump. UPDATE - You hate me! You really hate me!

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Some rants from Apple lovers -

Frank says:

How did you arrive to the conclusion that Xserves are a flop? Have you actually used one? As a Systems Engineer, I install, manage and configure these things in 2 of the top 5 largest school districts in the country. I am dealing with these every day and I have to tell you, they are busting ass over ANY of the other servers currently in production. They are fast, reliable, secure and give us practically no problems. The same cannot be said for the other servers in the districts. The poor schleps managing those tin cans are always pulling their hair out. I just sit back, shake my head and laugh. The Enterprise customers are also raving about the Xserves. Haven't heard a single complaint yet.


John responds: I based my opinions on info I got from a few sysadmin friends who are having trouble with XServes. Again, this is all anecdotal evidence. I'm sure they're very nice in person.