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Apple Event for the iPhone SDK: March 6th

Illustration for article titled Apple Event for the iPhone SDK: March 6th

Click to viewLooks like the delay was true: an invite for the launch of the iPhone SDK came in, and it's showing a Town Hall event on Cupertino campus on March 6th. The mail includes a reference to "some exciting new enterprise features" as well. Research In Motion should be as excited as we are. And yes, this is when Steve tells us TSFU. At last.


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@thechansen: Your right, I did know that the Bluetooth was hobbled when I bought the phone. But that doesn't make it any less slimy by trumpeting that it comes with Bluetooth 2.0, all the while being very quiet that it's a very hobbled version. It's too bad that Bluetooth 2.0 isn't a standard that requires a certain minimum of profiles to guarantee performance. Imagine if CD's were labeled "CD's" but didn't play in certain CD Players depending upon who manufactured the player. It's the same with the Bluetooth. If they advertise BT 2.0, we should have a certain expectation of what it's capabilities will be. Apple hasn't broken any laws by not doing this, but it would be nice if they tried to get by without only offering the "minimum".