iPhone SDK Delayed By One to Three Weeks?

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Arik Hesseldahl of Business Week claims that a source tells him the official iPhone SDK will be delayed by one to three weeks, much like the recent delay in the Apple TV 2.0 upgrade (2 weeks). Apple hasn't made any official statement, but there's only a week left for them to hit their previously-announced "February" release date. To lend credibility to this rumor, Arik points to the fact that Business Week was the first to report on Apple's eventual announcement of the official SDK back in October. [Business Week]



Does anyone know if the hacking world has had any luck enableing the iPhone's bluetooth fully? I'd love A2DP. Can that be something that can be enabled with a hack even? I know that all the proper hardware is there. I'd also love a GPS fob to plug into the bottom for real GPS, not the cell tower based location that 1.1.3 brought in. I'm also like better integration of the Calender app with Google Calender. The iPhone mail app works so well with Gmail, why not the Calender?

Anyhow, I love my phone. I've been looking forward to the SDK since before it was announced and just rumor. I can wait a couple more weeks, but I will be going the Jailbreak route if it never materializes, or sucks.

...don't let us down Apple. This phone was originally billed as a programable OS X marvel. I won't trust you again if that doesn't turn out to be the case.