Apple Eyes Intel Chips for iPhone?

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We're pulling out our new SuperRumor" for this news, but according to DigiTimes, Apple is considering the recently announced Intel Mooretown chips for the iPhone. Since these Intel chips won't see the light of day until 2009, it would certainly represent (at the very least) a second iteration of iPhone hardware. But given the specs of Intel's new chips, we'd be pretty excited:

Because these new Mooretown MID (mobile internet device) chips are an improvement on the ultraportable Menlow chips we have now—smaller, faster and consuming far less power while idling, many are saying that Mooretown's power to efficiency balance in Apple's true ultraportable could help bridge the application gap of phone and laptop. And while the fabled Mac tablet finding its home in the iPhone sounds great, honestly, it seems like the public is waiting on Apple to evolve more than the iPhone's current ARM processor. [digitimes via macworld]


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I don't see how this even qualifies as a rumor. Intel announced a new chip for Mobile Internet Devices. Apple uses Intel processors. Apple makes Mobile Internet Devices (running a Unix-based OS, like Intel wants). How could they not *consider* the new chips for the iPhone and iPod Touch? Whether they go forward and switch to the new chips is open to speculation, but of course they looked at the option.