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Apple Finally Unleashes Lawyers, Force Lightning on Psystar

Illustration for article titled Apple Finally Unleashes Lawyers, Force Lightning on Psystar

Three months after Psystar openly declared war on Apple's EULA and started selling its Open Computer running Mac OS X, Apple has filed a formal complaint against the company with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. They apparently waited for Psystar to distribute a modded version of the 10.5.4 update, filing the suit a day after, on July 3. Though the suit's intricate details are unclear right now, reason number four for not buying a Psystar machine just went live. [Apple Insider]


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I'm A Different Bird


"Hey, I know! Let's make it so that you can install OSX onto any machine! That'd be awesome, we could build 'Macs' with any specs we wanted!"

"Hey, that sounds like an awesome idea! In fact, why don't I sell some preconfigured machines so that the general public can get in on this action?"



Yeah, I guess Psystar should go ahead and reimburse the OSX86 community the whole $0 per PC they'd make if people built their own Hackintoshes instead of buying Psystar machines. That's fair, right?