Apple Fined Less than a Thousand Bucks in iPhone Tracking Lawsuit

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Remember when our iPhones were keeping a detailed history of everywhere we've ever been, and we were all disturbed by it? Well there's finally some sweet, sweet justice, courtesy of a South Korean lawyer. His payout? $946! Yeah! Wait, what?


Attorney Kim Hyung-suk had sued Apple Korea over the covert tracking, Reuters reports, and a court later ordered the company to pay up over the transgression. The cost? One million Korean Won. Except that's actually very little, as noted above. Maybe my sense of punitive payment is just warped by the grotesquely litigious American legal system, in which you can pretty much sue anyone at any time and make millions of dollars, but this seems a little paltry, no? Kim seems to think so, as he's readying a class action suit for a second go. Maybe he'll make nine thousand dollars this time. [Reuters via 9to5Mac]

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Define "we" in the "we were all disturbed by it".

I long assumed Google was tracking me (correctly), and I use Foursquare.

So when I found out that my iPhone stored a local cache of my location, I wasn't surprised or concerned.