Apple Getting Into Electronics?

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Rumours abound as the upcoming Macworld approaches. Always competing with CES, the annual Macworld Conference & Expo is the second week of January in San Francisco, and this year, we're hearing tremors of Apple-made consumer electronics products. Or, as Apple Insider describes it, "iPod companions." The first thing we're being fed is being described as an iPod Boombox. Obviously, there aren't many details on this other than it being an "oversized iPod with boombox-type speakers, ideal for use on a bookshelf or on the go." It's also supposed to include wireless audio streaming but could have a hard drive as well. Others are saying it could have satellite radio capabilities built-in and be known more as an "iPod radio."

Sources say Apple hopes to leverage the booming iPod business and its strengths in distribution by aggressively marketing the upcoming iPod companion products alongside its digital music players at big box retailers like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Circuit City, and Radio Shack.
The forthcoming iPod companion products have been under development inside Apple's iPod division for the better part of the year, with the origins of at least one product dating back to 2003, according to sources.


Only another month to go before you find out, so place your bets now, please.

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