Apple Has Changed App Prices In International Stores With Little Warning

In some countries, this price-change is beneficial. In other countries, not so much. Take the UK, for example, where their 99cent (USD) apps were priced at 59p, but are now 69p. Australia is one of the lucky countries that has seen prices lowered, with their base-line apps changing from $1.19 to 99 cents (AUD).

This is great for app-downloaders (if their prices have been lowered, anyway), but not so good for app publishers—according to a couple of tweets I've seen from Future Publishing, which publishes the T3 Magazine app, they weren't informed of the price hike by Apple, and now have to go to the large expense of changing all their marketing materials. Nonetheless, there appears to be greater parity with the original App Store's prices (the US), so there'll be no more moaning about your country being "ripped off." If only Apple would address the price conversion issue for their hardware. [MacStories and Lifehacker AU]

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Foolish Apple, being non-native to the UK, haven't appreciated the psychological significance of the £0.59 price point. At £0.69, even though it's such a small amount, I'm sure there will be a backlash.