Apple Hints At Palm Pre Legal Battle

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Here's what Apple no. 2 Tim Cook just said about iPhone competition: "We like competition as long as they don't rip off our IP. And we're going to go after anybody that does."

Analyst asks back if he's talking about Palm, since the Pre has some very iPhoney elements, like multitouch. Steve, remember, made a point of saying at the iPhone announcement, "Boy have we patented it!"


Tim's not-very-veiled reply: "I'm making a general statement...We will not stand for having our IP ripped off," and Apple will use any "weapons at our disposal."

Obviously, he's talking about Palm. Jon Rubinstein better watch out!

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With everything going on with Steve Jobs and then employees making statements like this, things sure aren't looking good for apple. It sounds like they are scared and for good reason, the Palm Pre looks like it will be much more feature rich and nicer then an IPhone but it will never be an actual IPhone killer. I doubt the Pre will ever have the backing from other industries like the IPhone does from the automobile industry and electronic industry. A lot of other companies did touch screens players before apple but it wasn't till Apple did it that it became big. Apple has their name and that's it, all they do when they make comments like this and go sue crazy is paint a bad picture of it.