Apple iPad Hardware Revealed

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The brand-new Apple iPad, contrary to prior rumors, is available in two networked versions, one with just Wi-Fi and one with Wi-Fi and 3G. Full hardware spec list, constantly updated, after the jump.

The iPad is packing a 9.7-inch IPS display, which is a type of TFT LCD that according to Stevesy has a "great angle of view." It's a full capacitive multitouch screen, like the iPhone, and also like its little (yet older) brother, it's got 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1+, an accelerometer, compass, speaker, and mic, as well as the standard 30-pin connector. It's rated at 10 hours of battery life, which is absolutely nuts (and much better than we expected) for a device with a near-10-inch LCD, although who knows what the battery life actually is. For more info on the 3G option, check out Brian's post here.


Most importantly, the processor: It's a 1GHz "Apple A4" processor, the first we've seen, probably the result of Apple's purchase of P.A. Semiconductor awhile back. It promises to decode HD video while retaining that 10-hour battery life, which is mighty impressive—Tegra, Snapdragon and the rest can't claim that kind of low power usage. The screen can also output up to 1024x768 VGA and 480p composite video through a cable kit, attached to the 30-pin connector.

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Oh, and it's as green as all other Apple hardware: No arsenic, BFR, mercury, or PVC, and it's "highly recyclable." [All You Need to Know About iPad]


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I love how they said that AT&T will let you use wi-fi hotspots for free.

Oh gee! I wonder if AT&T is letting me use public restrooms for free now too?!

The day someone starts finding a way to charge for wi-fi use is a day of tears.