Apple iPhone Rumors: New Findings in Code Like Gasoline On the Fanboy Fire

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The iPhone rumors have always been the juiciest of all the Apples. There are the fake ads, the idea that Apple would buy palm, and of course, the gallery of Fark'
d images we posted a few months back. Now, we might have our first taste of something more substantial than the usual fanboy-tasies. A zealot over at the Appleinsider forums dug through the latest iTunes code, and found references to a phone using the iPod OS.

The latest iPod software includes references to an "t_feature_app_PHONE_APP" application and variables such as "kPhoneSignalStrength," "clPhoneCallHistoryModel," prPhoneSettingsMenu," "prPhoneSettingsMenuView," prPhoneEnableSetting" and "prPhoneMenuItem."

The phone references within the iPod software are unlikely in relation to Motorola's iTunes Music phones because those phones do not run the iPod operating system


Not enough to get us huffing and puffing, but when I see something in live code, I'm intrigued. Anyone find any fresh evidence of an iPhone?

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