Apple Job Posting Hints at Cloud-Based iWork

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Considering Office 2010's cloud-based plans, it's no surprise that Apple's iWork division is courting developers to build "a scalable rich internet application." Let's face it: That means iWork in the cloud is (almost) definitely coming.


iWork already has a website that allows users to upload documents and comment on them, but no editing. As TechCrunch points out, what's interesting is that Apple is looking for someone to help go from "design to development," meaning there's probably a completely new product in the iWorks (...I'm so sorry about that, but I had to).

The posting also makes it sound like they're relatively early in the process (after all, they're looking for someone to help design, not just develop), but I'm sure Apple has something up their sleeve. This migration to the cloud is their big chance to finally catch up to Microsoft and Google's dominance in the world of office productivity suites. Guess we'll find out what Apple's cooking at some point. [TechCrunch]

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I don't mind the option of being able to collaborate online but I shudder to think of the day when I am forced to use a web based word processor or any of the other iWork apps. In spite of being incredibly connected (typing this on mobile phone) I am not always connected to the web when I need to work. As a feature this is great but if someday I am forced to utilize a tool only when connected to the interwebs myself and my money are jumping whatever ship I happen to be on at the time.