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Lots of impatient Mac users go through the same inner struggle every December. "I want a new mac now, but Macworld is right around the corner." Well if you really must give in to your urges try and at least wait until December 26 or even better December 30.

That's because when dealing with new releases Apple has two different policies.

Policy 1: Standard Apple return policy. 14 days from date of purchase + a 10% restocking fee.
Earliest Safety Date: December 26th


Policy 2: If Apple releases a new model of your machine thereby reducing the price of your model or just drops the price. You have 10 days from date of purchase to get the new price with $0 in fees.
Earliest Safety Date: December 30th

So if you have to have it now, try and wait a little longer. That way in January when the Keynote comes around, you won't be quite as scornful towards your old Macbook Pro that you bought in December.

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