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Apple Maps "Flyover City Tours" May Get You Using Apple Maps in iOS 8

iOS betas are always full of surprises, and the latest revelation in iOS 8 may make you open Apple Maps for the first time in ages. Uncovered by Apple developer Pierre Blazquez, Apple Maps has an upcoming feature called "Flyover City Maps" that gives you a bird's-eye view of landmarks in major metropolitan cities around the world.


Rome, Stockholm, Barcelona, New York, Paris, Glasgow, Cape Town, Perth, Bordeaux and the Bay Area are all currently featured in the tour, but you can expect more cities to be added before the feature is officially launched when iOS 8 is released this fall. [9to5Mac]

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I don't use Google Maps for flyover tours. I use it for navigating to places, and occasionally for searching for a place nearby, checking a review on that place, or seeing their hours of operation. Never once have I ever thought "gee, it'd be nice if I could have a 3D flyover of the place I'm trying to go."

Might be a "cool" feature, albeit a useless one.