Apple May Be Using Retail Store Employees to Fix Their Crap Maps

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Mac Rumors claims that Apple is "turning to select Retail Store employees to help improve Maps for iOS 6." What a genius idea!

The rumor site says that multiple sources "indicated that participating stores will dedicate 40 hours of staff time per week, distributed among a number of employees, to manually examine Apple's mapping data in their areas and submit corrections and improvements." Such fun, isn't it?

They don't provide any more details except that one of the employees will be designated "a subject matter expert to oversee the team and receiving training on how the team will operate." A Maps Genius, folks. I hope they also give them sextants and a compass that you don't have to move like an idiot from time to time. And a Zagat guide.


I'm having a very hard time believing all this. How effective can this be? The problem with locations—some of them so bad that have been mocked by all of the internet except for the most ridiculous Apple fanboys—is just one.

How would this fix Maps' biggest fault—its crappy search engine? It's dumber than a cobblestone. The other day a friend asked for restaurants while driving across Hollywood, Florida and it showed restaurants of Hollywood, California—over the Hollywood, Florida map. Or the melting 3D view?


Who knows, perhaps they are desperate enough. Or maybe they should buy Garmin and get done with it. [MacRumors]

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Hypothetical here. Do you think the backlash would've been less had Apple just pulled Google Maps out of iOS 6 without including their own solution? Maybe then the focus would have been redirected at Google for not having their Maps app ready for iOS6. Then again good luck selling a phone without maps.

Which is really what it comes down to no? It's a Google app. Yes they've held back features from iOS users to give Android an edge with maps, but that's to be expected. No they're not doing iOS users a favor in providing this service, and the last thing they want would be to lose the iOS user base.