Apple @ NAB: Lots of Pro Software Stuff and Execs...and Done

The hardware part of the sermon is over, we believe. Right now, they're going over Motion 3 video effects and faster hardware compression on the 8-Core Mac Pros. A 10-minute HD clip takes only 6 minutes to compress compared to 18 minutes in the previous version of the compressor. That's about it. Nothing to get hypnotized by. More in a bit...oh wait, actually, we're done....weird. No "One more thing."

Apple at NAB [Gizmodo]


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It's funny when I get attacked for giving my opinion on something involved with Apple. Gee, I only own two iMacs, an iBook, a Macbook, and two Mac Mini's for the kids' rooms. Question, how many more Apple products do I need to buy before I can legitimately critique Apple?

Sorry, but I highly doubt the people who are interested in that software come to this site. I mean, I'm sure people who whine about the cost of the $600 iPhone, have an extensive source of revenue to plop down the thousands of dollars needed to purchase the software and equipment that was unveiled today.

But no, seriously, how many more Apple products do I need to buy before I can righteously critique them?