Apple Offers 'Last Compatible Versions' of iOS Apps for Ageing Devices

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With iOS 7 due to land tomorrow, Apple seems to have decided to look after users with ageing hardware, too. It now offers a 'last compatible version' of iOS apps if you attempt to download an app not supported by your current firmware.

The new feature was spotted and posted to Reddit, and prompts you to download the last compatible version of an app if the latest version in the app store won't work with your device. Engadget reports that it managed to install install older versions of Instagram to an iPhone 3GS with iOS 4.3.3 and Twitter to an iPhone 3G running iOS 4.2.1.


So, if you have an old iPhone, iPad or iPod touch knocking around, you might still be able to breathe a little (out-of-date) new life into it. [Reddit via Engadget]

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Can we have a system to downvote all the Fandroid jackwagons that will start/already are talking about fragmentation? Apple releases their new OS for, typically, every device less than 3 years old. 93% of iPhones & iPads run iOS 6. Instead let's talk about the sub-50% of Android devices running Jellybean. Fragmentation is when software + hardware combinations affect a MAJORITY of users. Maybe 65% as opposed to 7%.

Also, I find it funny Apple releases this pretty nice feature before Android considering how much more Android could use it. I booted up my Atrix last week and there were about 20 apps I could download on it. The phone still works great, arguably way better than a 3 year old iProduct would (new software updates make them consistently slower), but it only runs Android 2.something.